The wrappable, foldable selfie stick.

  • Award winning, patent pending design

    Catapod is super fun & unique thanks to its patent pending A-symmetrically flexible design.

  • Always carry with you

    Catapod goes everywhere you do. Fold around your phone, in your pocket or around your wrist, it’s crazy convenient.

  • It’s real strong

    Catapod is made from precision engineered aluminium for optimum weight to strength.

  • Fits all devices

    Catapod fits all devices tightly and securely, and can be wrapped around wrists, phones and poles of any size.

Catapod wraps up and unwraps beautifully easily, and grips all smartphones tightly and securely.

Catapod can be customised in both colour and  logo.


Can I customize Catapod?

Yes! Get in touch.

Does Catapod easy to carry around?

Yes, way easier than anything else out there! You can wrap it around your wrist, or your mobile device easily, or even fold it up tightly in your pocket.

Can Catapod fit all phones?

Yes! It can :)

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