Snapbit is a patent pending, one-size-fits-all wearable snap bracelet that contains sanitizer gel.

  • Reusable eco design

    snapbit is made from environment and body friendly materials and can easily be refilled with sanitizer

  • Always carry with you

    snapbit goes everywhere you do, so you can instantly sanitize your hands whenever, wherever.

  • It's fun for all wrists

    Snap bands are fun and they wrap themselves around all wrists, big or small with a gentle tap. you'll be snapping snapbit on and off all day. 

snapbit is always at hand, and removes easily off the wrist.

With a squeeze hand sanitizer is dispensed  in the perfect portion, when done, It wraps back around the wrist with a general tap.  The bracelet contains 30ml of gel, perfect for a couple of days on the go and can easily and quickly be refilled. 

Snapbit can be custom branded in both colour and  logo.


Can I customize snapbit?

Yes! Get in touch.

Does snapfit fit eveyone

Yes it does, our unique patent-pending, bi-stable design wraps around and adjusts to all wrists.

Can snapbit fit other things besides sanitizer?

Yes! It can fit straws, keys and other items too... check out for our reusable straw solution.

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